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Questions and Answers: What are allergies?

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How does NAET work? NAET related research. Oriental Medicine including Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can address a wide variety of complaints, including allergies. My experience has been that for some allergies, acupuncture and herbal medicine alone can keep allergic symptoms under control. NAET offers treatment from a different angle.

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While acupuncture and herbal medicine can strengthen the body's defenses so it can better handle the offending allergen, NAET instead completely desensitizes the body to the allergen so that it is no longer a threat. After a successful treatment, the body will no longer be allergic to the item treated, even with continued and chronic exposure.

In the case of nutritional allergies and food allergies, not only will the item no longer be considered an allergen to the body, but the body will able to properly utilize the nutritional content that the food item has to offer. No, you do not need to receive an acupuncture treatment in order to start eliminating your allergies with NAET. NAET treatments can be done entirely with acupressure, which involves massaging acupuncture points instead of using needles in the points.

Many of my patients however, prefer having an acupuncture treatment prior to their NAET treatment.

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This helps to strengthen the body and address any pain or illness they may have while they work on one allergen at a time. For example, if you have many allergies that contribute to a pain condition, it may take many treatments to eliminate all of the allergies that generate pain in your body.

Expected length of treatment time, if treated 1x a week can be 6 months — 2 years. In some cases, some progress is seen as quickly as treatments, in more extreme cases it may take over 30 treatments. Anaphylactic cases can take years of treatment and re-introduction of the allergen is given only under supervision of an MD. You can read more here.

NAET combines the use of Muscle Response Testing, Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine to clear allergic reactions through a reprogramming of the brain and central nervous system. NAET therapy reprograms the brain and nervous system to stop reacting to allergens and other offending substances. NAET therapy is painless and easy. This retrains the brain to recognize the substance as harmless. When the muscle testing shows that the body is no longer reacting to the allergen, some acupuncture points are stimulated to encourage this new information of energy to flow throughout the body traveling through all the acupuncture meridians which connect to the entire body.

Directly following the treatment, the allergens need to be avoided for 25 hours to allow the energy system to go through a complete cycle to ensure that the effect of the treatment holds. An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of one individual towards one or more.

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In other words, an allergy is an energy imbalance between the energy of the person and. This triggers unwanted reactions.

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  • Toxins from various sources: food, bacteria, fungus, virus, neuro-toxins like mercury, MSG, pesticides, radiation, etc. Muscle testing is done to determine which substances or environmental factors need to be treated. These nutrients are normally absorbed from the food we eat but if someone is allergic, sensitive, or intolerant to a basic nutrient, they are unable to absorb and assimilate these nutrients and only a bare minimum needed for survival will be absorbed.

    NAET® (Allergy Elimination Technique)

    Essential nutrients are a necessity for optimum health, proper functioning of the body, healing, growth and development. If someone is allergic to a specific food ie wheat or eggs or dairy, , they may also be allergic to the nutrients contained in them like certain proteins, calcium, vitamin C, B-vitamins, certain minerals, etc. Once these Basics are treated, the body can begin to assimilate and utilise the essential nutrients. The 'Basic 15' are always checked first and cleared and these are done in a particular order. You may feel this procedure to be unnecessary, if say, the only allergy that you are aware of is to a certain type of pollen or just dairy.

    By treating the Basics first, a foundation for general health is established, along with a strengthening of the immune system, and the body will then be able to handle the more difficult allergy clearings successfully. The items are ordered on priority of importance to the body.

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    They are mostly combined 'Mixes' of. Straight after the training, I went to see a practitioner in Leicestershire for treatment for an allergy to garlic. I had always suffered health problems myself but had largely found that if I avoided wheat, gluten and dairy, I was fine. However, over the previous year, I had begun to get intense itching, especially in my ears, and would often lie awake at night suffering, waking in the morning with swollen ears and blood all over my pillow. I gradually tracked it down to whenever I ate garlic.

    I had one NAET treatment for garlic, avoided it for 25 hours and then ate a raw clove — with no reaction over the next few days. I ate it again and again, and have been fine ever since. Clearing basic allergens I must make it clear that carrying out treatment for a substance like garlic first of all is a little unusual as you have to clear a certain list of basic allergens first.

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    Every patient is tested and treated for any allergen found first. I use the MRT muscle testing technique — an adapted form of kinesiology. The basic allergens include things like B complex, minerals and sugars. The list has been developed over the years as being the most common and those that need to be cleared for true health. For example, a wheat allergy could clear because the person was allergic to B vitamins within the grain.


    Or it may be that if you clear a really important allergy for you, all of the others clear as a result. This happened to one of my guinea pig patients. One lady had severe allergies to wool and dust. Her wool and dust allergies cleared. I sent her home to wear her worst woolly jumper and she has had no reaction since. Over Christmas, she cleared out her very dusty loft and again had none of her usual flu-like symptoms. My other guinea pigs included a patient with quite severe health problems, similar to MS in terms of loss of muscle, brain and system function, but who had defied a diagnosis.