Big City Massage (Lesbian Seduction): No. 1 in the Series Amys Adventures in New York

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This literate and highly erotic story will delight and excite you. Words: 9, Published: November 11, Words: 18, Published: November 10, Sizzling lesbian erotica Tasha, 20, with sparkling pool-blue eyes and a fit body, is the daughter of the house and just back from college Meanwhile, the Mexican au pair and her special friend are sleeping upstairs Words: 27, Published: November 7, FOUR extremely arousing stories of lesbian passion between an woman of beauty and experience and a sexually curious younger woman. Customer reviews: "The plot, the sexual tension are really fantastic"; "Can't recommend it enough"; "Erotic and very sexy!

Published: November 6, When Bella, a gorgeous professor, takes the train to work, her attention is seized by a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. While the mutual stare is a long one, the girl soon disappears. But who is that standing behind Bella on the train? And whose finger is tickling slowly, shockingly, excitingly, under the hem at the back of Bella's loose white skirt? Published: July 14, And what could be sexier than a mature, sexy woman in her 30s seducing a pretty young woman with a passion to learn?

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Or vice versa? Just click on this amazing 4-for-1 bargain and join the party! Words: 39, Published: September 25, Amy is 23, a pretty, fair-haired, 'straight' woman from Alabama, and has come to New York. She meets Laura, a glamorous power-dressing lawyer who gives Amy a series of 'assignments'. Amy accepts the missions and falls into an exciting world of unbridled passion in a series of encounters with beautiful women.

Big City Massage, No. 1 in the series 'Amy's Adventures in New York' (lesbian seduction)

Amy finds herself in a dangerous world where she must confront her own prejudices. Words: 15, Published: August 21, Words: 25, Published: July 6, FOUR superhot stories of lesbian passion - for the price of one! Words: 38, Published: July 5, In the third of a great value series, you can enjoy FIVE more superhot stories of lesbian passion — for the price of one. Words: 24, Published: June 28, In the second of a great value series, you can enjoy FIVE superhot stories of lesbian passion — for the price of one.

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Words: 16, Published: April 18, Two hot stories 'Unfasten' A shy student, a confident businesswoman and a sultry stewardess - red-hot passion at 30, feet. Will definitely be looking out for more from this author. Words: 14, Published: March 27, Two incredibly hot stories Sally finds herself being seduced by a gorgeous and assertive Japanese girl on the London metro A threesome at 30, feet as a sultry stewardess gets drawn into an illicit encounter between a businesswoman and a pretty, shy student recovering from a recent break-up.

Reviews: "Download this sexy story! Published: March 23, A beautiful Mexican doctor seduces the maid while an American housewife looks on, getting drawn into the amorous proceedings A chance encounter with an adventurous Japanese girl on the metro.

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Published: February 11, Two very hot stories of lesbian threesomes If you like lesbian seduction and lesbian sex, you'll love these two sexy stories. Published: January 29, Two very sexy lesbian travel stories to take you where you want to go A red-hot threesome at 30, feet, and a deeply arousing interracial seduction in the heat of Mexico Published: December 28, Would definitely recommend.

What a steamy teaser. Now I want more!

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Published: December 21, Four very sexy stories of lesbian sports and seduction — for the price of one… Sample customer review: "A friend recommended this story and being a fan of James Bond I always love things like sex in unexpected places. Planes of course top the list, but enough about that, this is a sizzling hot little story and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something sexy to read.

Published: December 12, Feeling lonely with her husband away on business, Keiko, 34, enjoys a relaxing private swimming lesson.

But when she's being held afloat in the water by a classically-beautiful half-Greek girl, it proves to be the beginning of a tantalising and super-erotic mutual seduction. Narella, 22, visits Keiko at her opulent home, and Keiko discovers pleasures she never knew were possible Six very sexy and super-erotic seductions to tap into your 'bi side' Reviews: "Erotica the way it's supposed to be, steamy, hot and full of desire Reading it was like being there it was so good.

Words: 11, Customer review: "This rocks! This book is so good - I would totally recommend this book! It leads to an amazing taxi ride, watched over by an inquisitive buxom, green-eyed driver Published: December 10, Words: 4, Having barely recovered from witnessing Dr Lopez, the classically beautiful Mexican medic, seducing a vivacious and adventurous maid at their Acapulco hotel, Flora, finds herself drawn into the dangerous charms of Dr Lopez, a revolutionary with a nice line in seduction She feels dizzy, helpless at the knowing hands of the good doctor.

But soon Flora and her new associates are under attack Published: December 5, The bisexual adventures of Flora Shackleton in Acapulco will delight a wide range of readers. Flora's journey of self-discovery is sure to tap into the 'bi' side of even the straightest woman! Flora finds herself drawn deeper into erotic adventures, as she witnesses a gorgeous and beautiful Mexican doctor seduce the vivacious hotel maid Published: December 4, Two well-liked and very sexy stories of lesbian seduction — for the price of one.

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Can't recommend it enough. Words: 3, Published: November 13, Customer review: "Well worth downloading and the price was perfect! Erotica was spot on. If erotica is for you, then so is this. I will certainly be reading it again. Instead, she finds a beautiful statuesque black girl called Cora who seems determined to tap into a side of Sarah she hardly knew existed. But when she's being held… Meer. Two very sexy stories of lesbian seduction.

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If you like lesbian fiction, teasing lesbian stories and arousing lesbian erotica,… Meer. When… Meer. Six very sexy and super-erotic seductions to tap into your 'bi side': the initiation of Alice, a small town girl, in the capable… Meer. Customer review for "Unfasten Your Belts':"great story… well written, interesting situation, loved the story on the plane as the… Meer.

Service with a Smile: Two hot lesbian maid stories, 'Your bath is ready, madame' and 'Tell her she's pretty! Two very hot and exciting stories Some customer reviews for 'Strangers on a Train' When rising hockey star Carmella, 20, gets a little too close to a team mate, it prompts Coach Hernandez — 36, strong, busty,… Meer.

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