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The metric at the end of the school year will be to compare CRT Criterion-Referenced Test scores of students in the study with those in comparable classrooms. They are also carefully evaluating costs associated with the use of OER texts, monitoring all affiliated expenses so an accurate comparison of using OER textbooks versus traditional textbooks in a public high school setting can be achieved by the end of the year.

A brain trust of high school student interns has been making valuable contributions to FlexBook content through CK's summer internship program. These interns, many of whom have worked with CK for two-plus summers, are bringing their knowledge, energy and, most importantly, their unique perspective to FlexBook projects ranging from a mini-FlexBook on the Pythagorean Theorem, to the creation of more than YouTube videos designed to serve as supplemental physics lessons.


Laura's next stop is Stanford University. As a team, the two transcribed the content to wiki, incorporating high resolution images. James Dann on the filming of physics lessons now posted on YouTube. They will also be incorporated into The People's Physics Book on www. Bradley, who will be serving as a teaching assistant for Dr. Dann this year, believes these video-format mini-lessons will be incredibly helpful for students. Dann shows how to solve the problems and actually demonstrates principles, so I think they're very useful, especially for students who may need an extra tutorial on certain topics," said Brad.

I would love all my students to have individual on-line use if we had one-to-one computers. However, it still works well sharing portions of the text and the video clips with an LCD projector for group discussion and work on scientific vocabulary - and then giving them printed individual readings. Use the url listed above. Create an account by providing Username, Password, email address, birthdate, gender. Once account is created, click join a class. All rights reserved.

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Sign In. Search Our Site. Wes Jacocks Tennis - Mr. Currently the focus is on middle and high school flexbooks, but the goal is to eventually add K-5 materials as well.

Evidence of Khosla's passion for education is demonstrated by her role in serving on the National Advisory Board for DonorsChoose, an organization dedicated to addressing the scarcity and inequitable distribution of learning materials in United States public schools. She is also on the advisory board of the American India Foundation whose goal is to accelerate social and economic change in India. In a TED presentation, Khosla talks about how textbooks are rigid, outdated, and expensive.

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The mission of her foundation is to move away from traditional textbooks and present the information in a familiar format that will hold students' attention. She feels the future is in creating "living books" that can be kept current and meet the needs of diverse learners. Pal has worked on various application including real-time enterprise technologies, composite applications, service-oriented architecture runtimes, relational databases, object databases, and robotics and manufacturing automation.

CK Foundation, [5] In this 3 minute video, Pal demonstrates how to create a flexbook. Demo of CKs flexbooks. In May of , Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger launched a first-in-the-nation free digital textbook initiative for the state of California. Schwarzenegger releases," [6] California has long been faced with economic problems as well as controversy surrounding textbooks used in public school. California Dept. The initiative began the process of creating and adapting open source content textbook to be used in the classroom as well as making the textbooks available though innovative licensing tools provided though such organizations as Creative Commons.

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And finally, COSTP hopes to create a portable content holding database that is adaptable with new technologies as they become available. COSTP, [12] In a statement given regarding the free digital textbook initiative, Governor Schwarzeneggar said, "As California's budget crisis continues we must find such innovative ways to save money and improve services.

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California was built on innovation and I'm proud of our state's continued leadership in developing education technology. This first-in-the-nation initiative will reduce education costs, help encourage collaboration among school districts and help ensure every California student has access to a world-class education. Schwarzenegger releases," [14]. One critical step in the COSTP is ensuring the open source textbooks are meeting the state standards. To ensure the quality of open source textbooks, California Learning Resource Network CLRN reviewed open source textbooks to help school districts when dealing with the decision of which textbook to adopt.

Schwarzenegger releases," [15] Governor Schwarzeneggar stated, "From government to non-profit organizations, teachers to textbook publishers, we all have a role to play in leveraging 21st century technology to expand learning and better serve California's students, parents, teachers and schools. This initiative will ensure our schools know which digital textbooks stand up to California's academic content standards - so these cost-effective resources can be used in our schools to help ensure each and every student has access to a world-class education.

Created FlexBooks may be shared by printing the books, sharing it as a.