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The Escort quest is a combination of slaying monsters to maintain the well-being of a non-player character NPC , while exploring an area alongside that NPC. A typical escort quest would involve protecting a character as he or she moves through a monster-infested area.

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A majority of the time, the quest will demand the player to slay multiple monsters to ensure the safety of the NPC. Escort quests can also be used to funnel a character from one location to another, leading the player along a route or path. However, problems with this type of quest can occur if the artificial intelligence controlling the NPC causes the NPC to behave in unexpected or unmanageable ways.

Because many escort quests are often perceived as being poorly done, they are very unpopular amongst the gaming community. A phenomenon unique to text-based games, syntax quests depend on guessing the correct syntax to use to carry out a typically simple operation.

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Elements from the above types can be combined to make more complex quests. For example, a quest could require that the player find the parts needed to assemble a specific weapon Gather Quest , and then use these parts to kill a specific foe Kill quest. Hybrid quests may also include puzzles and riddles. A quest chain is a group of quests which are completed in sequence.

Quest chains are also known as quest lines. Completion of each quest is a prerequisite to beginning the next quest in the chain. Quests usually increase in difficulty as a player progresses through the chain. The quests typically reveal a single plotline in stages that explain the reason for the quests.


Through mechanisms like these, the setting of a particular location is explained to the player, with the plot or storyline being disclosed as the character progresses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Syntax guessing. Archived from the original on August 12, Top 10 Real Time Board Games. Top 10 Roll and Write Games. Top Anticipated Board Games of Top 10 Board Games of Top 10 Cooperative Board Games. Game Reviews. Tony Mastrangeli - Oct 7, 0.

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Publisher Brain Games seems to have found themselves a niche with their line of easy to learn family games. First they rocketed onto the Skulk Hollow Review Oct 4, Dungeon Academy Review Oct 3, Nuked: Warmonger Expansion Review Oct 2, Top Ten Game Lists. Tony Mastrangeli - May 3, 8. In my gaming groups real time games seem to be one of the most polarizing genres.

Some of my friends love them myself included , Top 10 Roll and Write Games Mar 29, Top Anticipated Board Games of Jan 25, Top 10 Board Games of Dec 28, Top 10 Cooperative Board Games Dec 7, Board Game News. Tony Mastrangeli - Sep 20, 0. We introduced the Shelf earlier this year as Gugong Giveaway Aug 16, Gen Con Recap Aug 7, Gridopolis Launches Today on Kickstarter Jul 23, Once you have completed the main story, however, you can then replay missions, uncover hidden secrets, upgrade your weapons, and customize your home base.

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Why settle for only action or only storytelling when you can get both of them done this well? Though not a game we expect you to want to play in the park, it is nonetheless magical, and a great way to show your friends the possibilities of virtual reality.

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Schell Games took the classic scenario of escaping from a death trap and turned it into a VR-exclusive adventure complete with a telekinesis mechanic that removes many potential headaches. From escaping a flooding submarine to recovering an anti-virus formula, there are plenty of harrowing missions to complete, all with just the right amount of humor.

A great game to introduce yourself to the wonders of virtual reality, Job Simulator is now available on Oculus Quest.

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