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Fortune, like abundance, is personal and subject to your own interpretation. I am a believer in the concept that we choose our mortal life before we are even conceived. And even that plan is subject to change constantly. It is part of the spiritual path of human life. It is so true that progress takes a lifetime, and the older I get the more I go back to the archives of my life and put things together.

Military Misfortunes

But it is all good. And it is also true that as I go back in my life visiting truths I thought I understood that I see deeper and deeper truths….

So make the missteps, experience the misfortunes, and move closer and closer to your fortune and your truth! You are commenting using your WordPress. As more states legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, so too grows the need to understand the nuances of serving clients in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis industry clients present all of the same risks as clients in other industries, coupled with risks unique to this growing industry. CPAs who work with cannabis industry clients […]. Certified Public Accountants CPAs are not immune to legal risks and can wade into risky territory at any time. Ethical and legal dilemmas cannot always be avoided.

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Superior risk management strategies must be put into place to help prevent any unintended legal ramifications from the work CPAs do for their clients. Common ethical dilemmas should […]. Despite what many accountants think, not all professional liability policies are created equal.

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TEPCO again said the explosion had not damaged the primary containment vessel. But by this stage even the stoic Japanese had begun to question the information they were receiving.

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But the speed with which the crisis spun out of control has exposed a fundamental flaw in the risk planning that still governs much of the nuclear industry in Japan and elsewhere. In diplomatic cables acquired by WikiLeaks and seen by Reuters, U. Marin Kostov, an earthquake engineering expert in Bulgaria and a member of the IAEA expert team sent to Japan after the quake that hit the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant, said one of the main problems is not how plants are built but where they are built.

The book has fueled new thinking on how to manage the risk from apparently low-probability, world-shaking events such as the attacks of Sept. Nuclear experts have thought a lot about that over the past few years. In the wake of the Sept With safety always a key concern, engineers, safety specialists and architects also have to take extreme natural forces into consideration.

Avinash Nafday, a California-based researcher who consulted for the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and has written on the Black Swan effect for nuclear plants, agrees. But Ed Lyman, a physicist and nuclear plant design expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, said watching plant workers put their lives at risk in a bid to prevent meltdown is a good reminder that even the most thorough plans will never be enough. Tuesday brought worse news: blasts in two of the reactors and a fire in a third at Fukushima as water levels in a pool used to store spent fuel dropped sharply.

Radiation levels in the plant soared so high at one point that workers were pulled out of the control room. Little is known about the skeletal crew that has battled to bring the plant under control.

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Even Japanese media have not identified any of the or so workers involved. The sense of dread grew almost by the hour. In Tokyo on Tuesday, radiation levels shot to 10 times normal levels, a worrying elevation if not yet a level that would cause acute radiation problems. Prime Minister Naoto Kan appeared in a televised news briefing to urge people living up to 30 km 19 miles from the reactor to stay indoors.

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After the Kobe earthquake in , Japan refused offers of help from the United States. This time around, Tokyo welcomed offers of help early.

Mishaps, Missteps and Misfortune - NSU investigation reveals more questions than answers

On the day Akihito made his address, the government even said it might have to seek direct U. The government now planned to use helicopters to drop water onto the reactors in an attempt to cool them. Authorities had also brought in troops to help pump water at the stricken plant as part of their last-ditch efforts to prevent a meltdown. Washington had offered help almost immediately after the quake. But its navy had also pulled back from the Japan coastline in an apparent effort to avoid any possible nuclear contamination.

Under the Japanese order, people living within 30 km are advised to stay indoors.

Military Misfortunes

Jaczko said U. By Wednesday afternoon, workers at Fukushima had resorted to taking radiation levels from a moving car as it drove past the main gate of the plant. The eight automated radiation monitoring points at Fukushima No.