SAT Critical Reading Workbook, 14th edition (Critical Reading Workbook for the Sat)

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Brand new SAT critical reading workbook. See details. Sold by alligm New seller Contact seller. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information This newly updated fourteenth edition concentrates on the SAT's Critical Reading section with exercises reflecting both SAT question types: sentence completion and reading comprehension.

Exercises are divided according to three levels of increasing difficulty, labeled from A to C Features a helpful self-assessment test and three full-length Critical Reading practice tests All questions are answered and explained Students who can answer all level C questions are ready to excel on the actual exam The workbook also presents test-taking tips and an extensive vocabulary review. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Is there any advantage to doing the problems out of order?

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Maybe— critical reading questions are based on a selection that may be as long as words. So, if you are having a problem with time, make sure that you an- swer all of the short questions analogies and sentence completions before you tackle the critical reading. But be careful that you mark your answer sheet correctly! Bring a watch to the exam. Your exam room may not have a clock. To keep track of the passing time, make sure that you bring your own timepiece. If you are able to eliminate one or more answers to a question, you should guess. In the scoring system, the guessing penalty is calculated to eliminate the advantage of random guessing.

It should not affect educated guessing. To prove this to yourself, ask what would happen if you guessed at random on 20 questions. Since there are five answer choices to each question, you would get one out of every five questions right and miss the rest. But now think about what would happen if you make educated guesses. Assume that in each of the 20 questions you can eliminate even just one answer choice.

Barron's SAT Critical Reading Workbook, 14th Edition

That would leave four rather than five choices for each question, so you would expect to get one out of every four correct. And that could make you jump 10 points on the scaled score, e. Make sure you mark the answer spaces completely and neatly. The SAT, for the most part, is a machine-graded exam. You enter your re- sponses on an answer sheet by darkening ovals.

Barron's SAT Critical Reading Workbook (Paperback) | Mrs. Dalloway's Literary and Garden Arts

Be careful! If you make a mistake in marking your answer sheet, even though you know the right answer, the machine will read a wrong answer. Mark your answers in groups. Instead of working a question and marking an answer and working a ques- tion and marking an answer and so on, work a group of problems in your test booklet, and then mark your answers.

With this system, there is less chance that you will make a mistake as you enter your answers. Create a record-keeping system for yourself.

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For example, circle the answer you think is correct. Every test is graded for diffi- culty so that you can pace yourself according to your needs. Level A ques- tions are slightly easier than actual SAT questions; level B questions are approximately equal in difficulty to real exam questions; level C questions are more difficult; and level D questions are of varying degrees of diffi- culty. Level D tests have a difficulty level approximately equal to that of a regular SAT. If the equivalent score on the diagnostic test is below the level required by the college of your choice, you may need to improve your study skills or your understanding of the exam or both.

In addition, by studying the test-taking hints preceding each section you will become more familiar with the actual exam format, which will in turn enable you to work on the questions in an efficient, orderly way. The guidelines below should be followed for maxi- mum results: 1.

Critical Reading Workbook for the SAT

Take and score the diagnostic test. Analyze your results to see how well you did in each question category. Study the advice given, as well as the pre-test and analysis in each category. Apportion your time for the drill tests according to the amount of trouble you had in each category. Retest yourself periodically between the time you take the diagnostic test and the time you plan to take your SAT. Use the three practice critical reading tests. If, for example, there are nine weeks from the time you took your diagnostic test until your SAT, you should plan on taking the practice critical reading tests in the third, sixth, and ninth weeks.

Your scores should keep climbing as continued practice gives you confi- dence and experience. Answer Sheet Directions: For each question, darken the circle that corresponds to your answer choice. Mark only one circle for each question. If you change your mind, erase your answer completely.

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Choose that word or pair of words which, when substituted for the blank space or spaces, best completes the meaning of the sentence, and mark the letter of your choice on your answer sheet. Example: 3. You have a n ; the test has been postponed for a week. D obloquy A vivid E concern B somber 5. During the German inflation, there C animated was a of paper currency; it took a D pusillanimous wheelbarrow to transport enough money E antiquated to buy a suit. Since his clothes were soaked, his story of A shortage falling into the creek seemed Trespassing on private property is Since you have just made a n sale, this is a n time to ask for a raise.

B ostentatious.. People are to confess such anxieties for fear of appearing During colonial winters in America, there A reluctant.. B eager.. They are a n couple who cultivate many friendships among people. B indolent.. A person who commits a wrong may be required to his property as a penalty.

A confiscate B destroy C forfeit D assess E sell When the desk was placed facing the window, she found herself from her work by the activity on the street.

A distraught B destroyed C distracted D decimated E diminished. Directions: Each reading passage below is followed by a set of questions. Read the passage and answer the accompanying questions, basing your answers on what is stated or implied in the passage. Mark the letter of your choice on your answer sheet.