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Hira Refrigeration in Sector 8c, Chandigarh

Smooth scrolling on iOS is related to a close tie between hardware and software - talking directly to the graphics processor. Achieving the same thing in software only requires extremely fast hardware, is my guess. Floris:yes,but if not exactly like that we can get a little closer atleast.. Emperor Hira was the most excellent, most benevolent, wisest ruler that Yokuda had seen in three hundred years.

His fall was a tragedy and the ruin of our ancient homeland.

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You see, there was much chaos in Yokuda before Hira ascended the throne. When the emperors of old lost their power, the ambitious Yokeda divided the land among themselves and warred constantly to increase their power and riches.

Two mighty generals, Mansel Sesnit and Randic Torn, managed to unite the land, but it was a momentary truce, for they still needed the nobles and the warriors to support their rule. Torn, himself a commoner, enshrined the rights and privileges of the sword-singers in order to maintain his power.

All in vain. When he died, a vicious civil war erupted, one that made all the previous conflicts pale in comparison. The warlords now dreamed of larger goals than just keeping their petty fiefdoms, and they were willing to use any means to achieve them. To subdue their enemies, they destroyed irrigation systems that had lasted a thousand years, burnt granaries to the ground and salted the fields of their enemies. Agriculture collapsed. Entire lands became infertile overnight and the Hunger of Sep ravaged the country. So dire was the situation that people thought that Zeht had angered Tall Papa, because it was impossible to grow enough food for all.

The nobles and the sword-singers barely noticed, of course, because they were too busy with war and would steal the food of the peasants that dared to oppose them. It was then when Emperor Hira seized the throne. Before his followers and the altars of the gods, he swore an oath:. Following the advice of his beloved queen Elisa, who was trained in the Wise Arts, he went to the commoners, the castoffs, the downtrodden, and built an army like no other. When a conspiracy of sword-singers tried to stage a coup, the Emperor arrested the ringleaders and revoked all the privileges of the warrior class.

But one of the ringleaders escaped: Divad the Singer, son of the legendary Frandar Hunding. And the wheel of history changed. Frandar Hunding had retired to the desert, looking for peace and quiet. This was the Army of the Circle, and they challenged Hira to face them in open battle. The army of the Emperor was defeated. After the massacre, when Frandar Hunding returned to civilized lands, he was shocked to discover that he was no longer welcome.

The common people, who loved the fallen Hira, cursed his name and spat to his face. The nobles, who only cared about power, feared that he would become a new emperor. Finally realizing the error of his deeds and hoping that his departure would avoid a new civil war, Hunding sailed with his followers to the east, never to set foot in Yokuda again. What we know is who perished with it: the slaves, the peasants, the artisans, those too poor to escape the inevitable doom. The nobles and the warriors? They arrived to Tamriel, where they would repeat the same cycle of destruction and depredation that had ruined Yokuda.

Gods curse them! And one day, a new Yokuda shall rise that will bring justice and peace to all. In the name of the Last Emperor, His will shall be done! The Yokedas are the daimyos, the sword-singers and their sword privileges match the samurai, and Mansel Sesnit and Randic Torn have clear parallelisms with Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, down to the sword hunt. Later history escapes from those rails, although Hira could be a version of Emperor Meiji, who abolished the privileges of nobility and samurai, and faced a samurai revolt.

Only that, this time, the samurai won.

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The Ansei, champions of the people or a separate class trying to protect their privileges? So evil! Or a Marian reform to open the doors of the army to the lower classes? Hira is also credited with trying to murder all sword-singers which, of course, was totally unwarranted! Divad himself was willing to surrender, but the guards killed his mother the same account admitting it was a tragic accident and things went south.

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I also threw some references about the Hunger of Sep. The text blames the fall of Yokuda, not surprisingly, on the lack of proper faith by its inhabitants. Very cool! It's interesting to see Hira portrayed as a benevolent and fate-doomed emperor. Are the children of Hira by any chance the Hiradirge?

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A brilliant piece of writing which serves to detail the depth of Yokudan political intricacies and the possibility that the stories of the Fall of Yokuda are really just propaganda. Since we don't know much about the Hiradirge, I refrained from adding more to it. I mean, everyone has their own theory about Yokuda, and what better to showcase how dangerous sword-singers are than the tale of a continent destroyed by sword-singing?

Unless they were your own, maybe the last radical group of supporters for Hira rebelling against the status quo. It would be a tragic irony: Hira wants to protect Yokuda no matter the cost; the cost actually convinces the sword-singers to band against him; the victory of the sword-singers pushes Hira's last supporters to rebel; the rebellion ends with the destruction of Yokuda, exactly what Hira tried to avoid. Even the honored cult of Diagna has been described as thuggish by some. Many thanks! Honestly, as cool as Redguard culture is, the earlier Yokudan settlers were jerks.

At best , they turned the original inhabitants into a lower class of servants under the warrior caste. At worst, it was outright genocide of the locals, especially elves, orcs and goblins.

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And they only started finding acceptance in the wider Tamrielic society by taking part in the complete destruction of the first Orsinium. Geez, what a nice bunch. On the other hand, I agree with Kirkbride's comments about it being incredibly appealing from a narrative point of view:. They invaded. It was the first time I had encountered the idea of "black imperialism" But hey, it's not as if they were better among themselves.