The Westbrook Series (blush, Chloe, Faith)

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Benton, Jim. Get One. Scholastic, The most charming bunny in pop culture imparts his favorite inspirational words of wisdom. In this popular series, Happy Bunny explores the inner workings of astrology through an assortment of quizzes and games.

Berman, David. Actual Air. Open City, From a member of the alternative rock band the Silver Jews, storytelling lyrics show a regard for history and a sense of Americana. Bernstein, Anne D. The Daria Diaries. MTV, Based on the television series Daria, sarcastic, often abrasive Daria Morgendorffer shares her take on high school life, nonathletic friends, and family problems.

Bey, Dawoud. Class Pictures. Aperture, Bissinger, H. A winning season for the Permian High School Panthers football team, which routinely pulls in 20, fans on a Friday night, has a far-reaching effect on its hometown of Odessa, TX. Blais, Madeleine. Grand Central, Crown, Though basic instructions and a pattern are provided, some knowledge of sewing is assumed for these projects, which include a sundress, banana bag, and iPod case. Blattberg, Julie. Illustrated by Wendi Koontz. Scratch and sniff all the expected scents, from cigarettes to stale beer, as rock groupies Beth and Trina score a backstage tour of their favorite musical group.

Blink Tales from Beneath Your Mom. Block, Francesca Lia, and Hillary Carlip. Girl Press, For teens who want to be published in magazine format, this work provides a how-to section along with zine samples from a wide variety of expressive authors. Boards: The Art and Design of the Skateboard. Universe, Hundreds of color photos of the popular graphics emblazoned on skateboard decks populate this work, and interviews with talented skateboarders are a bonus.

Boese, Alex. Harvest, In this era of Internet misinformation, here is help for ferreting out the fake virus warnings, doctored photos, and other scams. Boitano, Brian, and Suzanne Harper. Bonnell, Jennifer. Inexpensive, easy-to-make crafts enable teens to decorate lamps, create gift items such as soaps or bracelets, and recycle old jeans while giving each item a personal touch. Boyer, David, ed.

Kings and Queens: Queers at the Prom. Soft Skull, Attending any high school prom can be a nightmare for the GLBTQ students, as revealed by these photos and stories from the past 70 years. Boylan, Jennifer Finney. Broadway, After childhood, marriage, fatherhood, and life as a novelist and college professor, Boylan accepts that he is female and writes movingly about being transgendered. Bradley, James, and Ron Powers. Bantam, Bressler, Karen W. Alloy, Responding to questions sent by teens to Alloy.

Brewster, Hugh, and Laurie Coulter. Diagrams, illustrations, and archival images supplement the answers to questions about the passengers on board the Titanic, its construction, and its launching.

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Nonfiction Annotations Brisick, Jamie. HarperCollins, Brooke, Michael. Warwick House, Brous, Elizabeth. Seventeen series. Teen magazine Seventeen helps makeup divas, as well as those who sport the natural look, with tips on skin care, nails, makeup, and hair. Brown, Bobbi, and Annemarie Iverson.

Charlize Theron goes tie-dye chic as she joins Chloe Grace Moretz at The Addams Family LA premiere

Brown, Dee. Holt, Making use of primary sources, Brown lets the words of the Indian chiefs describe how their land was lost to AngloAmericans. Brunvand, Jan Harold. Norton, Buckley, James, Jr. Burgess-Wise, David. The Ultimate Race Car Book. Superb color photos of competitive racing cars of the past century accompany information about the tracks, races, and driver personalities in this history of auto racing.

Caldwell, Ben. Sterling, Health Communications, In response to Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, letters written by teens, parents, and teachers offer thanks or share similar experiences.

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Capote, Truman. In Cold Blood. Vintage, Well researched, this work reports in journalistic fashion the s crime that shocked America when two men shotgunned a Kansas family of four for no apparent reason. Caprio, Robert.

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Are We There Yet? Photos accompany vignettes of everyday life on the road for wrestlers and divas as they encounter tourist traps, rental car problems, and strip clubs. Capuzzo, Michael. This inspiration for Jaws recounts the summer a great white shark terrorized bathers along the New Jersey shore, just as more Americans were turning to ocean swimming. Carle, Megan, and Jill Carle. Ten Speed, Carlowicz, Michael. The Moon.

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  • Carlson, Lori M. Fawcett, Mixing language, translations, and subject matter leads to a potpourri of poems representative of Latino culture. Available in both Spanish and English, the writings of famous poets join with student poets to reveal thoughts on family life, language, and identity. Carroll, Rebecca.

    Spiral Up With Chloe Wordsworth

    Three Rivers, In a series of interviews with 15 young women, their spirit, determination, and plans for the future are clearly heard. Catalano, Grace. Laurel-Leaf, Chang, Pang-Mei. Anchor, Born to a respected Chinese family, Chang refuses to have her feet bound, marries and divorces, then works in a bank for women, eventually moving up to vice president.

    Charles S. Anderson Design Co. Nonfiction Annotations Christe, Ian. Chryssicas, Mary Kaye. Breathe: Yoga for Teens. Guidance through both challenging and relaxing yoga poses gives teens an outlet from stress and the opportunity to learn something new. Clark, Jerome. Visible Ink, Fans of the supernatural will devour this work, which examines both hoaxes and strange phenomena such as crop circles, UFOs, Bigfoot, and Martians.

    Clarkson, Mark. McGraw-Hill, Look behind the scenes at the popular destructive sport of robotic competitions waged by bots and seen on Comedy Central. Cobain, Kurt. Riverhead, Coker, Cheo Hodari. Family interviews and photos add a personal touch to this celebration of the hip-hop rapper Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, aka the Notorious B.

    Fireside, Collier-Thompson, Kristi. Illustrated by Sandie Turchyn.

    Colton, Larry. Though Sharon LaFarge is a talented basketball player, her quest for a college scholarship is derailed by family members and friends on the reservation. Selected from the Go Ask Alice website are these unbiased answers to teen questions about hangover survival, nose piercing, lesbianism, and dietary problems, among others. Conniff, Richard. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Coombs, Davey, and the editors of Racer X Illustrated.

    MX: The Way of the Motocrosser. Photographs of this popular extreme motorcycle sport will lure teens into reading the text as they learn about some of its stars and sense the power and thrill of a motocross.